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Gesellschaft Kultur des Friedens
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"Chain reaction: Peace Chain"

The Rainbow as a symbol of Peace and Hope

With the Rainbow Chain you support a Peace Project of the Society Culture of Peace

Cultural and Solidarity Bridge to the people of Iraq

An international peace delegation organized by Society Culture of Peace visited Baghdad in January 2003 together with artists, scientists and physicians in order to give a strong sign against war. We learned much about life conditions of the people in Iraq after more than 12 years of a very strict UN-embargo. The Iraqi society was socially, economically and culturally isolated. During visits in universities, hospitals, cultural institutions, schools etc. one could feel the need for human, social und cultural bridges to the people of Iraq in order to overcome this isolation.

Meanwhile war has been waged against Iraq. A defeat for humankind. The more people in Iraq need our solidarity now. With this project we will build up a cultural bridge between Iraq and Europe which is supposed to support mutual respect, dialogue towards a Culture of Peace.

In February 2004 we will organize the next peace delegation with artists, musicians, activists.

If you want to support this bridge, we need:
  • Music Instruments, notes, ballett shoes
  • school material like pencils, papers, English books
  • German and English literature, secondary literature, scientific periodicals
  • theatre groups, actors, interested in performing in Baghdad
  • art galleries interested in modern Iraqi art
  • sport clubs interested in Iraqi sport clubs, football clubs, sport material
  • school classes and students interested in contacts with Iraqi universities and schools
All donations are welcome !

You can get two sizes of the peace chain: a smaller and a bigger one.
Please choose your favourite one!
One peace chain costs 10 Euro.

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