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Gesellschaft Kultur des Friedens
Society Culture of Peace

Welcome to the Society Culture of Peace!

Global Action Day, Lets globalize solidatity!
Davos 26.1.2008, World Social Forum

Public discussion about militarization, human rights, peace, world energy system and media on 26. January, 5.00 pm until 9.00 pm in the Evangelisches Kirchgemeindehaus in Davos.
We give a pictorial report from Iraq, Iran, Colombia and present an international Campaign for the Human Right to Peace, Solar for Peace Programme and a Social World TV. We will organize (internet) and telephone conferences to different places in the world where other WSF activities take place like Stuttgart, Sao Paolo, Zürich, Innsbruck, London, Canada, Colombia....please join our activities in Davos which are organized as alternative-activities to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Irene Kahn (Secretary General of Amnesty International)
Daniela Dahn (writer and journalist, Berlin)
Henning Zierock (President of Society Culture of Peace)
and others...
Also with international music!
Organized by Society Culture of Peace, Tübingen/Germany and Amnesty International, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
E-mail: culture-of-peace@t-online.de
Homepage: www.kulturdesfriendens.de

Flyer: [PDF]

Here you'll find soon information in English on the history of our society and on our work within the last 15 years, as well as information on our actual projects, our campaigns and our public events. Until then we recommend you to visit our German pages.

For questions, ideas and criticism: please send us an e-mail!

Download: Appeal for a "human right to peace" >>>[Acrobat Reader Document]
Download: Support the Peace Bird Art School >>>[Acrobat Reader Document]

"Culture is the pleasure to change the world." Bertolt Brecht